"I love the fact that the movement styles Jamie teaches are made accessible to people of all sizes, abilities, and experience levels. The fact that she offers modifications to the standard poses and moves is incredibly helpful. But most of all, her warm yet professional, enthusiastic approach to teaching keeps me coming back to class. It is a joy to watch her move and she make me want to join in! I feel blessed to have met her and genuinely look forward to her classes. Thank you for all you do!"  -Rene

"I have taken yoga classes with several instructors, and Jamie is one of the very best. She is attentive, she listens to her students, and she offers modifications without my having to ask. Being a plus size person, this makes it far easier for me to relax and be comfortable in class. I don’t have to guess if I’ll be able to do the asanas. I know I can - and Jamie will show me how. The Saturday Night Stretch class is a nice, easy yoga class that makes a lovely wrap up for my week. I also take the Midweek Magic class and I feel like I have found a nice, friendly home for my curious self among likeminded souls. The weekly meditation is a refreshing, relaxing part of class I look forward to every week. If you are looking for a yoga class that works for every body at every skill level, sign up for Jamie’s classes. You’re going to love them."  -Deanna Olson

"Jamie and Kitty Power Movement have given me life and energy to keep going throughout the pandemic. When everything closed last spring, I was devastated. Going to our local studio and dancing with Jamie had been an almost daily routine for me for years. She was quick to respond to the need for something accessible from home with her creation of Kitty Power Movement. Throughout the year, I've taken different classes through Kitty Power, including WERQ, burlesque, and stretching classes. Jamie does a wonderful job of maintaining a true community feel while online. She teaches in a fun and accessible way for all bodies. She is fun in a way that makes even the most challenging things feel possible and brings positive energy to every class. Taking her classes throughout the week keeps me motivated to get through long or slow days."  -Eva 

" Jamie is a passionate, creative instructor who is dedicated to quality instruction every week and fosters an inclusive environment where EVERYBODY is welcome! I've taken classes from her for five years and find it emotionally fulfilling every week!"  -Chris P

"I never walk away from a class with Jamie unsatisfied. I always learn something new, improve upon and existing skill, but most of all I always have so much fun and it’s always something I look forward to when I’m able to attend classes! You WILL NOT be disappointed! 🙌🏾"  -Athena

"Jamie offers respect and joy to everyone she encounters. She is considerate of the physical abilities we possess. While encouraged to perform at "our" best, nothing is ever mandatory, and if it doesn't feel right, don't do it. I've never been in classes where so many different creative options have been offered and yet we all flow in the end. She energizes and honors her clients. " -Dr. Terry von Thaden

"Jamie is a wonderful, nurturing, inclusive teacher. She will help you find self-love where ever you are in your practice, and that is the BEST gift." -Michelle M

"Jamie's WERQ classes are one of the few forms of cardio I've ever found enjoyable! I really appreciate the no-pressure environment and the emphasis on modifying movements to suit your body and energy level. I also love that there is no body-shaming or weight-loss talk." -Kelly

"Her personality, her understanding of different needs and levels really push for a comforting atmosphere. She's not like a lot of other instructors that encourage you to "push through the pain," instead she tell us to go with our level of comfort and what our body's needs are."  -Sadia


"I've taken a few Burlesque classes and I have loved them! They always are fun, different, and chill. Jamie is such a fun and engaging instructor, while also creating an accepting and inviting space." -Bethany


"Kitty Power has helped me to be brave enough to dance! I've always been too embarrassed of my body to every try dance and this class is fun and approachable (even if you're not coordinated (yet!!)). very friendly and accepting space for all shapes/sizes. Loved the sense of community I felt here." -Lindy


"Jamie is an incredibly kind, compassionate, and motivating teacher! Her energy and positivity radiate even through the screen during online classes. I can't imagine how fun she'd be to take a class with in person."  -Catty Wompass


"Jamie provides such an amazing amount of light in my life through the classes she teaches, she is such a caring and thoughtful instructor who really takes the time to get to know you and your unique needs." -Daisy Ford


"I love Jamie and the Kitty Power Movement classes. I never feel that I can not do a movement because she offers so many ways to participate and there is always one that fits my abilities." -Beckie D.


"Every class I've taken from Jamie has been amazeballs. I started taking burlesque, I've tried werq, midweek magic, study group and Saturday stretch and they have all rocked my socks off! She's a wonderful teacher and I love how open minded, cheerful and friendly she is. I know that I can be my most authentic self in her classroom always." -Audrey S.


"Jamie is always full of energy and makes class super fun. Her teaching method makes class fun, but you also learn and get gains. Those gains usually come without you realizing how hard you’re working. Jamie loves teaching and it shows. She cares about all of her students and is a wonderful person!" -Kim

"From the ages of 3 - 35+, I had been involved in dance, and eventually left it behind due to various life changing events. I'd been searching for a class that would allow modern free form movement, yet was rooted with a classical dance structure behind it. What an indulgence it is to engage with the powerhouse that is Jamie Hines. Burlesque with Jamie has been the most rewarding and empowering form of dance I've experienced in my life. She will bring out moves you didn't know you had. I encourage everyone to experience their strength and discover the supportive, blissful, and intoxicating environment that is BURLESQUE." -SnagglepussGalore


What's it like to work with Jamie and KPM?